Brain Breaks are Essential For Productivity


Do you ever find yourself feeling distracted and unmotivated? Like your work is impossible and you’re not making any progress. This can be hard to overcome when sitting at your desk. If you are feeling this way, it’s probably because you need a break. Some time away from your screen and doing something else with your brain could be just the thing you need for success. This article is going to explore some activities that could be just what you need to give yourself a break and then send you right back to your work, refreshed, fully motivated, and ready than ever before to work and succeed.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is a great activity to give yourself that much-needed break. There are thousands of games out there to try, from simulation games where you can spend some time in someone else’s shoes to puzzle games that help to exercise those muscles inside your brain. One of the great things about online gaming is that you no longer have to own expensive hardware, such as gaming consoles or computers, to play. There are thousands of games you can access on your smartphone through the app store and on your browser. A popular type of gaming that many adults enjoy is casino. This can be a fun way to get that thrilling casino experience directly on your smartphone.


You also have plenty of options when it comes to finding an online casino suited to your preferences, BonusFinder Canada can provide you with the best options in finding the highest quality platforms. Most casino games require a little bit of strategy, meaning you’re able to take a break and do something you enjoy while also keeping your brain active.


Take a break from reality, escape into fictional worlds, and step into the shoes of exciting characters. Spending a few hours away from your work and inside a book is actually a great activity to give your brain a break. Whether you want to take on the mystery of a true crime novel or explore a fantasy land, there are thousands of books out there waiting for you to pick one up. What an exciting way to escape reality, you also never know what it could inspire. There’s also a whole exciting world of non-fiction if fiction doesn’t take your fancy. Non-fiction could be your answer if you’re looking to learn something new, explore an industry, or are looking for some self-improvement or even productivity tips; then there are many books to choose from.

Reading is actually very versatile, giving you a number of different options when it comes to reading. You have the option to pick up physical copies of a book, store thousands on your readers or smartphone, or take on the world with an audiobook. What’s great about an audiobook is you can take on other tasks while you go, such as home chores, driving, or even just taking the time to rest your eyes. Reading also comes with many benefits. With this activity, your brain is constantly aware and taking in new words and information.


This helps to expand your vocabulary and improve your writing skills, which are two pretty useful skills. Reading is also said to be very beneficial for your mental health too.


Take your eyes away from your computer or phone screen, get your body moving, and head out for some fresh air. Walking works wonders on your productivity levels. Put some distance between you and your desk, and see what Mother Nature has to offer. There are a number of different ways that walking is good for your brain. The first is that all that blood pumping around your body means that you will return to your work feeling more energized than ever. Fresh air and being surrounded by nature are great for your mental health , too. Walking can give you the perfect opportunity to clear your mind and get you to think about other things. This could be your time to relive old memories, think about the future, or even spend your time creating a whole new reality in your brain and creating fictitious scenarios to keep you occupied.

In summary, it’s important to know that being productive isn’t about how long you spend working, it’s about how much you’re achieving while you are working. If you find that you’re sitting at your laptop, but nothing is happening, or you’re working slower than usual. It’s time to take a break. Learning how to listen to yourself and what you need is essential when it comes to being and staying productive. So give these activities a go and see which ones work for you the best. Remember that everyone is different, so people will have their own ways of taking a break.